In all of our activities, Q.Bel keeps in mind three guiding
principles: Be True. Be Honest. Be Good.

It may sound kind of corny, but we really live our lives that
way. And we think there’s no reason we can’t run a company
that way as well.

Everyone knows what it means to apply those principles
to one’s personal life. But what does it mean when a
business decides to abide by a set of values?

At the most basic level, here is what we mean:


Our newest additions, Q & Bel.

Be True.  Our products are made with nothing but the truest of ingredients. No hydrogenated oils or trans fats. Real sweeteners and definitely no high fructose corn syrup. No artificial anything. Just plain and true ingredients.

Be Honest.  We learned from our parents about honesty and integrity, and we take those principles seriously. We treat our customers, trading partners, team members, and our community with the same open honesty as we expect from others. You’ll never see Q.bel making a claim that stretches the truth.

Be Good.  Our business model operates on the premise that goodness pays. From production to packaging to distribution, we strive to be as good as we can to the people and places that we depend on. This is where things start to get interesting.

We try to “Be Good” not just because it’s the right thing to do. It’s a matter of survival. If we can’t make interactions with Q.bel positive and beneficial for customers, trading partners, team members and our community, we won’t go too far as a company.

Right now, Q.bel is a small, young company. Our size limits our ability to make significant change in the world. That doesn’t stop us from trying. But we can’t force our suppliers or trading partners to make significant changes to the way they do business – we just don’t have that much clout!

We hope that our volume grows large enough to have a significant positive impact on the world – and to make suppliers run through hoops for our business. In the meantime, within the context of a business whose products are intended to be garbage-free treats affordable to one and all, here is how Q.bel tries to be good.