When I got married years ago I had never even heard of “All Natural” foods.
I just thought all food was simply “natural”. Fourteen years, two children, two dogs,
two cats and about a million goldfish later, you could say that my life has changed
dramatically. I have learned a lot about food and food ingredients. I now know that “natural”
means the way food is meant to be - wholesome, pure, delicious and heavenly.

When our older son turned ten not long ago we had to switch his school. Up to this point,
we had never exposed him to foods that were not all natural or organic. After a couple
of weeks at the new school, he came home one day with a sad look on his face and said
“Why can’t I have the same snacks as the other kids?” He had seen the other side and talking
about high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors, colors and additives with a ten year old is futile.
I knew this wasn’t going to be easy – he has inherited his mother’s resolve. After a couple of
weeks of mulling over it, he won and Q.bel was born.

So, who taught me so much about good, wholesome and healthy food
among other things? Well, my wife Isabel of course. And Q.bel is a tribute to
Isabel’s passion in bringing the highest Quality food ingredients into our life.