Our Company
At Q.bel, we have dedicated ourselves to making the best tasting treats in the world.

We've been "taking out the garbage" since 2009. 
You won't find any of the following in anything with the Q.bel name:

• No High Fructose Corn Syrup •
• No Hydrogenated Oils •
• No Artificial Anything •

Just plain and true ingredients with lots of crunchy crispy
creamy chewy goodness and great taste.

Q.bel opened for business in the beginning of 2009, and by the end of the year it
was already the number one natural chocolate covered wafer in the country. In our
first year, we sold over a million chocolate wafers.  Halfway through our second
year we hit 2 million. And we're still going strong!

What's with Q?  Q stands for our Quest for a Quantum leap in Quintessential Quality treats. 
It's also for our Quirky purple colors... it's even Qute!  And bel is a tribute to Isabel,
whose passion for all natural indulgence inspired Q.bel.